Dell T620 Power Interface Board that won’t power up

I recently acquired a Dell T620 chassis that included everything except a motherboard and power supply.  I had an extra motherboard already, so I installed it only to find that it would not turn on.  The 12V_AUX LED on the motherboard would light up, but when pressing the power button it wouldn’t do anything.

I started debugging by swapping components from another chassis I had, at first thinking it was the frontpanel, switch, or maybe a bad cable.  It turns out that it was the power interface board (PIB) itself.

The board appeared to be in good shape, with no obvious scratches or parts missing.

It was time to get out the microscope and do a closer inspection.  Since there aren’t a lot of parts on the board it didn’t take long to find a suspect problem.  One of the parts appeared to have a solder bridge between two of the pins (6 and 7).

A closer look at the pins:

All it took was removing this solder bridge, and the system then powered up without any further problems.

I have no clue how this would have ever worked in this state, so I’m not sure how it even made it out of Dell’s factory.  It didn’t appear to be reworked based on my experience, so this is a very strange escape.

Either way, I was able to rather quickly find the issue and fix it, saving the need to purchase a replacement.

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