Does the Chelsio 110-1040-20 Support 10GbE Ethernet?

I’ve been playing with FreeNAS, as well as upgrading to 10Gb Ethernet in a few areas where it makes sense in the home (including on the server that houses this website).  I’ve read that FreeNAS has the best support for Chelsio cards.  It wasn’t clear whether this particular card was simply a Fiber Channel only card, or if it was also capable of supporting Ethernet.  Since it was only $23 on eBay (including the optics for both ports) I decided it was worth a shot.  Here’s a shot of the part number on the board.

I plugged it in and at first got some red lights on both ports, plus my switch port didn’t light up.  It wasn’t promising at first.  Once FreeNAS started booting and detected the card, it displayed a message saying that it was downloading firmware to the card.  A few seconds later the lights lit up green and I had network activity!

The card shows up as cxbg0 and cxgb1.  I haven’t tested throughput yet, but it does obtain an IP and I can communicate with the FreeNAS control panel through it.

Showing that the device shows up.

So it looks to be like a success for this very inexpensive dual-port card.

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